КсантипиXanthippi Svolopoulou (Athens, Greece)

Master-class Harmony: the principle of the body universe

In this masterclass we will explore the biological, psychological and spiritual aspect of Harmony.  Exploring harmony, our focus will be on the importance of the emotion of joy. In this context, harmony and joy are two major forces in human connection. We will experience different types of connection with ourselves, others and cosmos through breathing, body movement- dance and creative expression. In our consideration working on the source of harmony is a way of restoring different forms of disconnection. This experience may be a protasis for the therapeutic process and relationship.

Xanthippi Svolopoulou, Body Psychotherapist, MA in Literature & History, University of Athens & Paris III, N. SorbonneBiosynthesis body psychotherapist & Bodynamic practitioner. Student of L. Anagnostopoulou in the Greek Centre of Biosynthesis of Athens. Student of L. Marcher in Rebirth and of D. Marcher in PTSDI, Archetypes. Trained in Art-Dance Therapy, Psychoanalysis & Education. 20 years teacher of Literature (Experimental Music High School) & psychosomatic education facilitator for adolescents. She has presented a workshop in EABP Congress, in Berlin 2018.