Ирина СеллярIrina Sellyar (Voronezh, Russia)

Biosynthetic Character Tendencies (report)

The description of a combination of individual psychic, physical, dynamic qualities, causing a person’s typical kind of behaviour in certain living conditions and circumstances allows to define a person’s character features. Various combinations of these features define various character tendencies. The described character structures, tendencies and accentuations in psychotherapy can be found in psychoanalysis by Freud, epigenetic theory by Erikson, Bodynamic analysis by Marcher, Bioenergetic analysis by Lowen, Loengard’s and Lychko’s research, Gannushkin psychopathology clinic etc. We use these structures to better understand each other when presenting a clinical case, for diagnostics, structuring information about a client, choosing an optimal interaction strategy. I would like to offer, basing on the biosynthetic structure, to have a look at a possibility of creation of a specific map of biosynthetic character tendencies.

A psychologist, psychotherapist (Voronezh state university, faculty of psychology). A teacher of mathematics by the first higher education. I was trained in body-oriented psychotherapy in Bodynamic International Institute (Denmark) and Biosynthesis International Institute (Switzerland). I studied tanatotherapy, gestalt-therapy, Feldenkrais method.

Work experience as a psychologist - 13 years. I am a founder of a psychological support center and work with children and adults, conduct therapeutical groups.

Professional interests: research and work with processes, connected with death, dying and transitional states.