Ольга ПарышеваOlga Parysheva (Perm, Russia)

Master-class A Body and A Dream

Most people know the postulate of Freud, the father of psychoanalysis, that “dreams are the royal road to the unconscious”. A dream brought by a client can be considered a sign of trust and a present. Biosynthesis has its peculiarities of dream work. I would like to invite you to explore the possibilities of the use of a body in dream work.


Analytical (jungian) psychologist. IAAP applicant. Body-oriented psychotherapist (Medical Clinic “Genesis”, Perm).

Children's Psychiatrist (Perm state medical university). Teacher of psychology (Regional interdisciplinary retraining center, Perm)

I was trained in body-oriented psychotherapy in programs of Bodynamic International Institute (Denmark), Biosynthesis International Institute (Switzerland), A. Lowen Bioenergetic International Institute (IIBA); R. Kurtz Hakomi educational center, Hakomi Practitioner.

Job experience as a psychologist - 15 years. I prefer to use the approaches open to new knowledge and experience as well as allowing to integrate it.