Гусарова СветланаSvetlana Gusarova (Moscow, Russia)

Master-class Aspects of an energetic interaction between a client and a therapist

A lot of attention in the literature is paid to the work with energy. There are lots of questions and disputes still since the issue is rather complex. Biosynthesis uses a mutual complement of body and energetic work including healing traditions and Bob Moore’s research. An energetic interaction between a client and a therapist is part of a therapeutic contact. It is one of the elements of resonance formation and manifestation. Can the energy flow move freely or is it blocked in the body, in the contact? During the workshop we are going to have a look at the main Biosynthesis principles of energy work. Practical work will give us a chance to explore our own energetic states and ways of attunement in contact.

Clinical psychologist (MSU, MSMSU).

Body-oriented psychotherapist in Biosynthesis. Trainer at the Russian Institute of Biosynthesis.  ЕАВS Member (European Association of Biosynthesis) and IBF Member (International Foundation for Biosynthesis) within the Russian department of EABS and IFB. Processual therapist (IAPOP Certificate).