Екатерина Егунова и Татьяна ХромоваEkaterina Yegunova, Tatiana Khromova (Moscow, Russia)

Master-class Images and Symbols in body work.

The work with images and symbols allows to go beyond the rational logic and touch upon deep layers of psyche. Symbolism is beyond the limits of a language and consciousness. Biosynthesis uses symbols a lot which often helps to integrate the body, soul and mind. During the masterclass we will share our hands-on experience how to access the essence level working with creative images in mandala symbolism and Biosynthesis.

Ekaterina Yegunova - practical psychologist, trainee in Biosynthesis International program, trainer at MPL12. I use Biosynthesis and Bodynamic in my work as well as mandala symbolism when working with fundamental psychological issues. Education: Lomonosov MSU, Biosynthesis and Bodynamic International programs, International Academy of Psychological Sciences.

Khromova Tatiana - a psychologist, psychotherapist, coach. I work in borderline psychiatry field. I was trained in International training programs at Bodynamic International Institute (Denmark) and Biosynthesis International Institute (Switzerland). I use Bodynamic and Biosynthesis principles in therapy of borderline disorders.

Education: Sechenov MMA - pharmacy, Lomonosov MSU - clinical psychology.