Presenters International Biosynthesis Therapist’s Meeting

Lily Anagnostopoulou (Athens, Greece)-2019Lily Anagnostopoulou (Athens, Greece)


Shame, Intimacy and Deception. 



Герлинда Буххольц - 2019

Gerlinde Buccholz-Fritzsche (Berlin, Germany)


Invisible bonds







María Paz Cardín García (Madrid, Spain)


Dialog with the uncertainty in psychotherapy 



Анна Костина

Anna Kostina (Thessaloniki, Greece)


Biosynthesis and work with a group 





Владимир Мохов

 Vladimir Mokhov (Moscow, Russia)


From the body to the image and backwards





Екатерина Лямина

Ekaterina Lyamina (Moscow, Russia)


Are you wounded or are you a healer?




Наталия Коновалова

Natalia Konovalova (Moscow, Russia)


Russian soul singing





Василиса Степанова

Vasilisa Stepanova (Moscow, Russia)


“Between studies and contact”. Landmarks on the way to the integration in work with children




Марина Евлампиева

Marina Evlampieva (Moscow, Russia)


Russian way is the way of the heart





Ольга Парышева

Olga Parysheva (Perm, Russia)

Master-class A Body and A Dream






Елена Сафронова

Elena Safronova (Moscow, Russia)

Master-class “PSYCOR” system of psychomotor correction through the prism of Biosynthesis





Ирина Селляр

Irina Sellyar (Voronezh, Russia)

Report Biosynthetic Character Tendencies






Сильвия Боаделла

Silvia Boadella (Heiden, Switzerland) 

Master-class (3 hrs) Embodiment of hope through the dance of your essence





Патрисия - eng

Patrícia Cardoso Ferreira (Lisboa, Portugal)

Report Revisiting Guinea-Bissau’s psychotherapy practice: a cross-cultural dialogue with Biosynthesis





Эрнесса - engЭрнесса Бергман (Тель-Авив, Израиль)

Доклад Биосинтез в лечении диабета






Сесилия engCecília Valentim (São Paulo, Brazil)

Master class The Singing and Biosynthesis: A journey of sensibility towards self-connection and self-expression.





ДемитрисDemetris N. Shouer (Nicosia, Cyprus)

Report The silence of the heart






VasilisVasilis Christodoulou (Limassol, Cyprus)

Master class The spiritual experiences through the treatment of trauma





Ирина Ляшко - играLyashko Irina (Moscow, Russia)

Master-class Experience of a festivity in folk games and round dances





Ирина Ляшко Lyashko Irina (Moscow, Russia)

Master-class Lazhenie - an experience of love and care





КсантипиXanthippi Svolopoulou (Athens, Greece)

Master-class Harmony: the principle of the body universe





Черных Оксана

Oxana Chernykh (Rostov-on-Don)

Master-class I am a bad mother






Екатерина Егунова и Татьяна ХромоваEkaterina Yegunova, Tatiana Khromova (Moscow, Russia)

Master-class Images and Symbols in body work





Гусарова СветланаSvetlana Gusarova (Moscow, Russia)

Master-class Aspects of an energetic interaction between a client and a therapist





Владимир БаскаковVladimir Baskakov (Moscow, Russia)

Master-class tAz, Buki, Vedi






Азаз eng

Amit Azaz (Tel Aviv, Israel)

Master-class Tuning Into Exploring Relationship - Contact Improvisation & Mindful Movement





Лев Белогородский

Lev Belogorodsky (Moscow, Russia)

Master-class Breathing Patterns






Игорь Калашник - engIgor Kalashnik (Rostov-on-Don, Russia)

Master-class To Peace and Identity via breathing