Influence of Biosynthesis

by Silvia Boadella and David Boadella

1. The European Association for Biosynthesis EABS
The European Association for Psychotherapy EAP elected David Boadella to be the Chair of the Scientific Validation Committee of the EAP in London in December 1997.
The committee, chaired by David Boadella, proposed and worked out the standards for the recognition of all European methods of psychotherapy in Europe.
The European Association for Biosynthesis EABS was founded in 1998 and Biosynthesis became the first method of body psychotherapy to be recognized as an EWAO by the EAP in 1998 and also by the World Council for Psychotherapy WCP (founded in 1996).

2. The International Foundation for Biosynthesis IFB
The IFB was founded 2001 in Zurich by Silvia and David Boadella in order to unite all trainings and institutes in Biosynthesis of the Overseas Association for Biosynthesis OABS and of the European Association for Biosynthesis EABS. Through Biosynthesis as a registered trademark in all of these countries and the creation of the IFB, that administers the quality guarantee mark “Biosynthesis R” and takes care of the worldwide coordination of congruent training standards, a title protection is maintained.

3. The International Institute for Biosynthesis IIBS
The IIBS was founded by Dr. Silvia Boadella in 1985. She has organized and taught in a total of 25 full five years trainings and in addition in over 50 courses of advanced training.
All graduates of the IIBS five year training in Biosynthesis-Psychotherapy became recognized by the Swiss Government, based on an over thirty years hard work of political engagement in the Psychotherapy Associations and the high-quality standard of the training.

4. The Journal Energy & Character
Energy & Character is the earliest and the longest running journal of body psychotherapy in the world.
David Boadella has written 115 articles in it, over 45 years, and all major modalities of body psychotherapy have been published within it.
Numerous articles by Biosynthesis therapists are included.
Peter Freudl has created an Archive listing the content of 125 issues, which is available on Internet.
All English issues are currently being reprinted and made available to buy in paper form and on the Internet.

5. Publications on Biosynthesis
In the massive Handbook of Body Psychotherapy, published in English in 2015, David Boadella is the most quoted author, after Reich and Lowen.
David Boadella himself has been published in over ten books, some 30 chapters in other books and a total of 150 articles, over a period of 65 years, up to and including 2019. The USA Journal of Body Psychotherapy published a special issue devoted to Biosynthesis.
Forthcoming: a massive 1000 pages method book has been written by Silvia and David Boadella and is currently being final edited.
Once this is published, a book on Trauma will follow.

6. The importance of Biosynthesis as a method for psychotherapists within the European Association for Body Psychotherapy EABP

The EABP was founded in 1989 with David Boadella as its first President. In a current issue of the International Journal of Body Psychotherapy, published by the EABP, there is a research article on a survey which methods of body psychotherapy had most influenced EABP body psychotherapists. This survey showed that Biosynthesis was one of the three most influential methods.

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