Азаз engAmit Azaz (Tel Aviv, Israel)

Master-class Tuning Into Exploring Relationship - Contact Improvisation & Mindful Movement

Contact Improvisation offers a joyful and playful way to explore relationships. In our case, relationship between therapist and client.

Since many of us are not very experienced in movement as a tool for insights, I want to suggest Mindful Movement as kind of a warm-up to tune into a reflective body experience.

After getting connected to our body and into introspective mode, we will proceed with interaction in movement. The invitation is to work in couples, simulating therapist-client experience, while using “games” of improvisation and contact improvisation.  

This presentation is an experiential workshop. The experience will be followed by a short conversation to process and “take home” some insight, hopefully useful in the clinic. 

My offer is an outcome of many years of practicing movement and body awareness practices of many techniques and approaches (Yoga, Improvisation, Feldenkrais, Pilates, BMC… and of course contact Improvisation), followed by years of practicing and teaching Mindfulness Meditation and Movement.

To Biosynthesis studies I arrived after many year of body-mind practices of many kinds: Yoga, Feldenkrais, Contact Improvisation, BMC, Authentic Movement and more…

I practice Meditation, which I also teach on a weekly basis over the last 4 years. In my meditation teaching, Mindful Movement is being folded in with sitting meditation, both are being practiced as a tool for cultivating mindfulness in everyday life. 

Naturally, all these are integrated in the therapeutic work at the clinic.

I find it very beneficial to enter a session by movement, and/or to interact with clients by movement as a way to explore relationships. It is very helpful for clients and therapists with various backgrounds, including those that are not familiar with movement.