Эрнеса - engErnessa Bergman (TelAviv, Israel)

Report Biosynthesis Treatment for Diabetics

I have been working as a Biosynthesis Therapist for over two years with patients whom have Type 1 and Type 2 Diabetes in a private Diabetes clinic in collaboration with an Endocrinologist, Nurse and Dietitian. My role in the clinic is to care for the psychological and mental health of those patients whose emotional barriers resistance and denial their status as a Diabetic prevent them from receiving the full benefit of care.

From a very simple – though, often hard to achieve – perspective, my goal in my interaction with these types of clients is help them understand that their body, mind and emotions are but different parts of their being.  The process for the client to integrate these different aspects is very challenging in general and particularly for a Diabetic who constantly has the niggling feeling that his / her body has let them down.  And, while many patients are so overwhelmed that they – paradoxically – cannot deal with their emotions, I am sometimes able to make progress and thereby help the client elevate their personal care and condition. 

I plan to present case studies, Biosynthesis structure work I apply in the clinic, and open the discussion of how to integrate Biosynthesis in an atmosphere of a Medical Clinic. There will be some active participation for the participants.

Body Psychotherapist in residence in a Diabetes Clinic in Tel Aviv Israel

Biosynthesis Supervisor, Broshim Campus of Tel Aviv University, Tel Aviv, Israel

Registered Biosynthesis Therapist, Heiden, Switzerland

Biosynthesis Therapist, Tel Aviv, Israel

Certified Yoga Teacher Yoga Alliance USA

Master of Fine Arts program in Theater Anthropology at NYU (New York University)

BA in Theater and Sociology Skidmore College, Saratoga Springs, NY

When appropriate in my private practice as a Biosynthesis therapist I also integrate Yoga philosophies and techniques such as breath awareness, mindfulness and body alignment.  Additionally, I utilize constellation techniques, spiritual meditation and energy work.