Владимир БаскаковVladimir Baskakov (Moscow, Russia)

Master-class tAz, Buki, Vedi

The presentation touches upon the key role and place of the pelvic segment in the so-called “problem anatomy” of the human body. The pelvis acts as some sort of “a bridge” (mediator) connecting legs (“the ground”) and torso, ribcage (“feelings”, “contacts”). In case of “poor” ground, when the “lighting-conductors” of our legs don’t work properly and the energetic channels of our legs are closed, the energy coming from the “transformer box” of our feelings (ribcage) can’t get grounded through our legs. The only way out in this case is to go to the “black hole” of our head. As Rolan Bykov, the great actor, precisely characterized it - the human world “gets schizophrenic”! And the thing that suffers in the first place is “the bridge” of the pelvic segment (sexual relationships) - as the key area of this conflict.

During the workshop we will have a look at simple but effective, in most cases primordially Russian ways to work with the pelvic segment of the body.

Psychologist, creator of tanatotherapy, Head of ANA “Institute of Tanatotherapy”, coordinator of the International (Russia, Germany, Great Britain) program “The Culture of the body”, founder and the first President of the Russian Association of Body-oriented psychotherapists (RABOP); international trainer. Has over 30 years of experience in teaching and psychotherapy. Member of the new kinds of physical education and sport committee at the USSR State Sport Committee, was in charge of the Psychological assistance service at the USSR Ministry of the Navy.

The first coordinator of the International programs for Biosynthesis in Russia.