Василиса СтепановаVasilisa Stepanova (Moscow, Russia)


“Between studies and contact”. Landmarks on the way to the integration in work with children

Present-day reality and features of the educational system drive parents in a trap where they have got to do something all the time, but they have no energy… They have to think about survival rather than development...In such conditions parents lose CONTACT with children. It becomes very easy for specialists to become another link serving the level of HAVE TO and ignoring  genuine WANT!

During this workshop we will have a look at the main landmarks and sequence of working with children. We will explore with our own bodies the possible ways to integrate meso-, endo- and ectoderms, following David Boadella's basic principle  "A gramm of contact is worth a tone of technics". 

Psychologist. Certified Bodynamic therapist (Bodynamic Institute, Denmark). Over 15-year experience in work with children. A specialist and trainer in “PSYCOR” - psycho-motor correction system. A trainee in Biosynthesis International Training program. A member of “SOBBORUS” organizational committee.