Сильвия БоаделлаSilvia Boadella (Heiden, Switzerland) 

Master-class (3 hrs) Embodiment of hope through the dance of your essence

Biosynthesis therapy offers many opportunities for the embodiment of hope. Hope is an essential quality that is found at various levels of experience. Hope is grounded in the movement patterns of creative actions. The embodiment of hope expresses our inner inspirations in the dance of vitality and joy of life. In this workshop we will show how intrapersonal, interpersonal and transpersonal forms of communication reinforce each other.  We will find our individual resources for these basic existential processes through the dance of our essence and deepen our hope.

 - Born in Switzerland, Ph.D., State recognised Psychotherapist,

- Studied psychology, philosophy, literature and history of art

- Director of the International Institute for Biosynthesis IIBS since 1986

- Vice-President of the International Foundation for Biosynthesis IFB

- International lecturing and Congress presentations

- Books: Memory as Change (Erinnerung als Veränderung),Die tragende Haut, (The Skin of the Soul, A Pele da Alma), a novel about birth and dying, forthcoming as well in English and Portuguese, a new Novel Orpheus in Venedig (Orpheus in Venice), a novel about music and the passion of living

- Forthcoming main book on the method of Biosynthesis together with David Boadella