Владимир Мохов

Vladimir Mokhov (Moscow, Russia)


From the body to the image and backwards

One of the key values in Biosynthesis is “bridging”. Keeping in mind this value I find it important to enrich the biosynthesis therapy with the techniques, tools and ways of work which can help to effectively build bridges -connections between various modalities of a person’s individual experience, revealed in the fields of a Hexagram. I invite the participant of this workshop to explore the techniques and ways of transition and connection between body sensations and images, work via a body and work via images.

In my practice such tools, which demonstrate the integration of Biosynthesis with the approaches connected with deep symbolic work (Psychosynthesis, in the first place) allow to complement the depth and processual features of Biosynthesis work with a structure and clarity of imaginative symbolic representations of the inner resources and meanings.

Psychologist, psychotherapist (psychology department of Moscow State University), has been trained in body-oriented psychotherapy since 2005 including international programs of Bodynamic International Institute (Denmark)  and Biosynthesis International Institute (Switzerland).

I use psychosynthesis and narrative practice techniques. Experience in psychotherapy - over 12 years. Psychologist in the charitable fund “Future now”, trainer in introductory, therapeutical and educational programs.