Черных ОксанаOxana Chernykh (Rostov-on-Don)

Master-class I am a bad mother

A family is a pulsation between Me and We, between want and have to do. It can happen that family members sacrifice themselves or their family for the good. There are feelings and emotions which help a family to get out of the morass. And there are those that undermine well-being and distort possible options to find a way out. The concept “I’m a bad mother” distorts the perception of the child, decreases bonding quality and increases the distance in “Mother-Child” dyad. During the workshop we are going to speak about the revival and revelation of the mother’s figure in order to make it possible for her to meet herself during her interaction with her child.


Psychologist (Southern Federal University, 2008). Candidate of Psychological Sciences, assistant professor at Donskoy State Technical University, body-oriented psychotherapist. A trainee in Biosynthesis International training program (Rostov-on-Don). Head of the psychological family center “Close people”. I work with families that encounter difficulties connected with the teenage crisis, child aggression and other children’s behavioral patterns difficult for parents to manage; with mothers who have children with mental disabilities; couples in crisis. I use Biosynthesis, Bioenergetics, Gestalt and art-therapy.