Елена СафроноваElena Safronova (Moscow, Russia)

 “PSYCOR” system of psychomotor correction through the prism of Biosynthesis (masterclass)

Technology or Contact? Should we choose between the two or is it more important to find the balance? We, as specialists, quite often choose technology, master the skills, follow the rules strictly, stick to the protocol and learnt techniques. No matter how sophisticated technology is, how well we know it and how precisely we apply it, it can fail, be inefficient.  In the work with children in psycho-correctional approach the preference is most often given to technology. However, it is quite  obvious that there are necessary and sufficient conditions for the efficiency of any correctional and therapeutical process. Technology is just one of the necessary conditions. Compliance with only this condition limits any kind of approach. What can make the work with a child more complete, holistic and enhance the result? I find it working in Biosynthesis approach, following its main principles. One of them is the art of making contact as well as the quality of contact and the resource of contact. And in most cases a contact really overweighs a tonne of techniques. I would like to offer you to get acquainted with PSYCOR System, which is the integration of neuropsychological and body-oriented approaches, as well as to have some practical experience.

Neuropsychologist, Lomonosov MSU (faculty of neuro- and pathopsychology). EABP Associated member (European Association for Body Psychotherapy).

The author and creator of PSYCOR psycho-motoric correction system: neuropsychological and body-oriented approach to the diagnostics and correction of mental development in childhood.

The author and creator of correctional-developing programs for group and individual work with children with developmental problems, peculiarities of social and school adaptation, with somatically impaired children and adults. A trainer of groups for children, adults and parent-child groups. A trainer of PSYCOR system educational programs. Work experience in the author's technique - 23 years. I was trained in body-oriented psychotherapy in Bodynamic International Institute (Denmark) and Biosynthesis International Institute (Switzerland).