Наталия Коновалова

Natalia Konovalova (Moscow, Russia)


Russian soul singing

Soul and spiritual singing can become a way of psychological work.

With a knowledge of spiritual and soul music (folk song) influence of on a person, it’s possible to use such music for a conscious change of person’s states and healing.

During the workshop participants will be able to touch upon the Russian hummimg tradition and soul singing using the examples of Russian folk melodies and songs.


 A singer, academic vocal teacher, researcher of various singing systems and traditions such as: academic vocal, resonance singing system, Russian humming tradition, church singing traditions.

Graduated Gnessin State Musical Academy in choral conducting in 2005, was studying academic vocal at the same time.

Area of interests:

Voice and its capabilities, Russian soul study, old spiritual music, Russian folk song as sound psychotherapy.

Soul and spiritual singing as a way of psychological work.

Sounding with a body and subtle structures - Spirit and Soul.