Екатерина Лямина

Ekaterina Lyamina (Moscow, Russia)


Are you wounded or are you a healer?

One of the core themes in Biosynthesis is contact, the meeting of two people in a therapeutic setting, the meeting which is very humane and creates a possibility to heal soul traumas. The quality of this contact is at the same time affected by the established connection with the inner life process, acceptance of inner contradictions and polarities of both participants. This workshop will be devoted to one of these polarities - the archetype of the "wounded healer". Basing on the body knowledge and work with Hexagram we are going to explore 2 poles of this Archetype. What happens when a therapist loses the continuity of these poles, when one of the polarities is pushed into the unconscious or gets projected outwards. What is the price of the disintegration? And how do the quality of the contact and healing ability change when the awareness of both poles helps reach inner integrity and make the meeting more humane?


Psychologist, body-oriented psychotherapist, Biosynthetic psychotherapist (IIBS Diploma), art-therapist, specialist in Developing Dance.

Psychodynamic psychologist (Master's Degree of the University of Barcelona, UB). Assistant in Biosynthesis International Program.

Professional interests: Depth psychology, resourceful psychology, healing of psychotraumas taking into account a person’s holistic development (body, emotions, consciousness, spiritual dimenntion of life), body-oriented and dance-movement psychotherapy.Individual and group psychotherapy.