International coach

María Paz Cardín García (Madrid, Spain)

Dialog with the uncertainty in psychotherapy Master-class (1,5 hs)


From cognitive approach we can better use our know resources, give them value and sense in our live.

From Biosynthesis, a body psychotherapy approach we can have access to new resources, develop an unknown, dormant potential and reawaken a lost hope.

Clinical Psychologist by Universidad Complutense de Madrid, UCM (Award of high performance). Master Clinical Psychology, by Universidad Pontificia de Comillas and Body Psychotherapist, certified by the International Institute for Biosynthesis, IIBS and recognized by the European Association for Psychotherapists, EAP. Heilpraktikerin recognized by the official Health Agency of Berlin Gesundheitsamt Berlin. Bioenergetic Specialist by “International Institute for Bioenergetic Analysis” (IIBA). Psychologist in Centro de Humanización de la Salud in the treatment of patients in grief. Psychologist in Centro de Terapias AGAMEDE. Psychologist in emergency service in Intervención Psicológica Especializada, IPSE. Biosynthesis Senior Trainer for Spain and International trainer in Russia, Czech Republic and Georgia.