Игорь Калашник - engIgor Kalashnik (Rostov-on-Don, Russia)

Master-class To Peace and Identity via breathing 

During the workshop we will get to know one of the ways to go beyond your habitual breathing pattern and emotional experience connected with it. You will be offered a certain algorithm of work with breathing, unfolding which we will gradually build unhabitual "bridges" between the three "life streams" using the techniques and methods of Biosynthesis and body-oriented psychotherapy. It allows to get out of one's stereotyped psycho-emotional features and open up to new energy fields. There will be body work as well as energy and meditative work.
Gradually, by means of creating an inner structure-ground for a new state and adding certain creative images we will define our movement towards inner peace of mind. We will try to prolong this movement to the experience of a contact with your "ID point".

Professional experience: an engineer - physicist, psychologist (Kharkov State University, faculty of practical psychology, 1990) and psychotherapist, has been trained in body-oriented psychotherapy, bodynamic, biosynthesis (IIBS), work with trauma in bodynamic, process work since 2000. Trainer in qi gong and attention practices.

Professional interests: deep psychology and complex personality development on the basis of the synthesis of various psychotherapy approaches and eastern practices. Development and conducting of psychological training programs, aimed at not only psychotherapeutic correction but at broadening of awareness and development of will. Organising outdoor training camps.