Сесилия engCecília Valentim (São Paulo, Brazil)

Master class The Singing and Biosynthesis: A journey of sensibility towards self-connection and self-expression.

In this presentation I will to demonstrate how the integration between the singing and the Biosynthesis is a path for self-perception, expression of feelings and to the sense of belonging to a community and how it becomes an important resource within the therapeutic practice. Developed in a theoretical-experiential master class, it is a journey inspired by the theory of the fields of life developed by David Boadella and in the meditative practices developed by Sylvia Boadella.


A singer, body therapist and vocal educator. Member of the Instituto Brasileiro de Biossíntese – São Paulo. Master in Psychology of Art by the Institute of Psychology of University in São Paulo. Graduated in Music / Singing by the University of Arts Santa Marelina/SP. In England I majored in Early Music with Emma Kirkby and Evelyn Tubb and also in Healing Voice and Overtone Chanting with Jill Purce. In Spain, I specialized in Ancient Music with Jordi Savall and Montserrat Figueiras. I was formed in different lines of Body and Transpersonal Psychotherapy, such as Biosynthesis, Bioenergetic Analysis, and Biopsychology. I am the leader of the Dances of Universal Peace. As a pioneer in Brazil and an innovator in the Art of Singing as a way of personal transformation and expression, I has created the "The Art of the Singing being" method and develop several activities in my own studio, institutions and companies, individually and in groups.

Work Experience: for over 30 years I have beenimproving and performing my work as an artist, body therapist and vocal educator in different places in Brazil and abroad, attend individually and groups

The sphere of interest: Biosynthesis, Psychology of Art, Singing, Healing voice.