All-Russian Conference for Biosynthesis “The meeting of biosynthetic therapists in Russia” May, 20-21, 2017, Moscow

Всероссийская конференция по Биосинтезу "Встреча Биосинтетиков в России" 20-21 мая 2017, Москва

Всероссийская конференция по Биосинтезу "Встреча Биосинтетиков России"

You can register your participation in the Conference using this link/ Предварительно зарегистрироваться на конференцию можно по этой ссылке 

Dear colleagues!

The Community for professional support of practitioners is glad to invite professionals, students and all interested to take part in All-Russian Conference for Biosynthesis “The meeting of biosynthetic therapists in Russia” which is to be held on May, 20-21, in Moscow!

Biosynthesis is a holistic resource-oriented approach of somatic psychotherapy. It works on the basis of fundamental scientific knowledge about personal development and offers wide spectrum of effective methods and techniques of body, mind and spirit integration. In Russia Biosynthesis has been developing since 1994. Two generations of biosynthetic therapists as well as several trainers have been trained between now and then.

You will have an opportunity to get acquainted with diversity and wealth of Biosynthesis realm, meet Russian and international biosynthetic therapists and trainers, get to know what Biosynthesis is about from the very first students of David Boadella.

Apart from the main concepts and principals of Biosynthesis a lot of practical techniques and structures which you can use in both personal and professional life will be presented.

You can know more about Biosynthesis by reading the article

Goals of the Conference:

  1. Presentation of Biosynthesis as the Somatic psychotherapy approach.

  2. Establishing the professional community.

Panels and themes of the Conference:

  • Biosynthesis

  • Integration of Biosynthesis with other therapeutical approaches

  • Russian heritage

Topics of some of the presentations

Timetable All-Russian Conference for Biosynthesis

You may participate in the Conference as a listener, speaker/presenter, volunteer or sponsor. We kindly request to give the answer and fill in a special registration form for those participants interested using the link.

A collection of articles will be specially released for the Conference. If you are willing to publish your own, connected with biosynthesis article in this collection, send your application using the following form and to e-mail  (note “A collection of articles on Biosynthesis” in “Subject” of the letter).  

Claims for presentation are accepted till December, 28, 2016.

Claims for publications are accepted till December, 20, 2016.

Articles are accepted till January, 28, 2017 (if your claim is approved).


Mind that amount of membership fee depends on time of your payment!

1)      Until December, 31: 2 days – 5500 rub ( 80 €); 1 day – 3700 rub (54 €)

2)      From January, 1 until February (on a space available basis): 2 days – an equivalent of 6600 rub; 1 day – an equivalent of  4400 rub

3)      From February, 15 until April, 30 (on a space available basis): 2 days –an equivalent of  8000 rub; 1 day – an equivalent of  5500 rub

4)      From May, 1 until May, 15 (on a space available basis): 2 days – an equivalent of  9500 rub; 1 day – an equivalent of  6500 rub.

Those who are giving a presentation don’t pay for the day of presentation, they pay only for second day (50% of the fee according on time of  payment, see above).

Accepted articles are published for free. Authors don’t have any discount for participation in Conference.


Conference Organizing Committee: Victoria Berezkina-Orlova, Marina Evlampieva, Elena Kalashnik, Vasilisa Stepanova


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