Content book: Past, Present and Future



Influence of Biosynthesis

DavidBoadella. Past, Present and Future


Theoretical aspects

Silvia Boadella. The Embodiment of Hope.

Gerlinde Buccholz-Fritzsche. What about Siblings? Horizontal and vertical Relationship. 

Lily Anagnostopoulou. Spirituality in Biosynthesis.

Lily Anagnostopoulou. Shame, Intimacy and Deception.

Liane Zink. Dialogue — Body Ecology.

Maria Paz Cardin Garsia. Dialogue with Uncertainty in Psychotherapy.

Irina Sellyar. Character tendencies in Biosynthesis.


Practical application of Biosynthesis

Ernessa Bergman. Application of Biosynthesis Therapy in a Diabetic Clinic.

Victoria Berezkina-Orlova. When group dynamics occurs in silent mode.

Svetlana Gusarova. Aspects of Energy Interaction Between Client and Therapist.

Ludmila Voskovskaya. Biosynthesis in a group and for group: prospects for method expanding.

Olesya Dorofeeva. Prenatal psychological therapy: the biosynthetic approach.


Biosynthesis for children

Vasilisa Stepanova. Between learning and contact. Way-marks to integration in the process of working with children.

Elena Safronova. Psychomotoric correction system “PSYCOR” through the prism of Biosynthesis.


Integration of Biosynthesis with other approaches

Igor Kalashnik. Through breathing and work with attention to Calmness and Identity.

Anna Kostina. Group —  system —  organism.

Ekaterina Lyamina. So wounded or healer?

Vladimir Mokhov. From body to image and back.

Cecília Valentim. Singing as a therapeutic resource in Biosynthesis:

Sensibility, expression and belonging in an aesthetic experience.

Ekaterina Yegunova, Tatyana Khromova. Images and symbols in body work. Biosynthesis.


Integration of Biosynthesis with author’s approaches

Vassilis Christodoulou. The spiritual experiences during trauma treatment


From Biosynthesis students

Demetris N. Shouer. The silence of the Heart

A. Abramova, N. Kisteneva, N. Lugbina, I. Malinovskaya, F. Nastavina. Personal and group security: Student’s experience of observation and reflections in the Biosynthesis educational program


Russian heritage

Marina Evlampieva. Russian way —  the way of  heart

Our authors

List of Biosynthesis Institutes and Programs