Отзыв о Международной встрече европейских биосинтетических терапевтов (24-26 мая 2019 года) от Сильвии и Дэвида Боаделла

Dear friends, We are sending your greetings from David and Silvia Boadella
«Dear Trainers
The International Biosynthesis Therapist`s Meeting in Moscow was a great success. It was like a congress, with about 140 participants of many countries, with a wide range of workshops and seminars.

We are so happy that Russia takes such a prominent role in the deepening of Biosynthesis.

2019 is the 25th Jubilee of the Russian Trainings and it was celebrated in such an inspiring way!

All participants were very fortunate to have the opportunity to attend this conference. The topics that have been chosen, focused on fundamental principles of Biosynthesis, interpreted in fresh and original ways. Several speakers were emphasising how the fundamental dimensions of life in Biosynthesis were supported by traditions in Russian culture.

We thank you, Vika and your team from our hearts for this wonderful event and as well for the excellent organisation and the warm-hearted atmosphere, you have created, and for the amazing sightseeing tours: We all received a very good nourishment for our body, mind and soul.

We wish you all a lovely summer!

Lots of love from

David and Silvia»
David and Silvia Boadella


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